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Herd Health

We believe in focusing on preventative medicine, like vaccinating for diseases and treating our sick cows with antibiotics only when necessary. Federal regulations and safe farm management practices require that any milk treated with antibiotics be discarded immediately to prevent contamination of the milk supply. By carefully monitoring our cows, we are able to diagnose and treat many diseases before they become too serious. Ask any farmer and he or she will tell you that herd health is the most important job of a dairy farmer. This is because when a cow becomes sick, the first thing her body does is decrease or stop producing milk. Also, when a cow gets sick, she can't tell you what is wrong, so a farmer must depend on sharp diagnostic skills and closely watching his or her cows to make sure they are eating and producing what they should. Since farmers are paid for milk by the pound, it is to his or her advantage that every cow be healthy and producing as much milk as she possibly can.